Call center coaching is the number one way a manager can improve a contact center employee’s performance. A strong coaching program gives employees the tools and confidence to effectively manage customer interactions, even if the conversation takes an unexpected twist. A call center coaching program also demonstrates your company’s commitment to the individual success of your employees, as coaching sessions can be tailored based on individual needs and goals. In the end, happier employees lead to better service, more satisfied customers, and increased company revenues

Here are a few of the benefits of investing in a contact center coaching program:

1. Improved product knowledge and troubleshooting skills
No customer likes being shuffled from agent to agent because the first representative didn’t have the necessary knowledge to answer their question. Granted, sometimes a customer calls in with a question that requires added support, but the most effective call centers are staffed by people that have the knowledge and troubleshooting skills to handle the most common issues. A call center coaching program extends beyond the initial training period and helps your employees understand your products inside and out. The more intimate a contact center representative is with your products the more likely they will have the knowledge to answer your customer’s question in a timely manner, which is crucial for creating a great customer experience.

2. Superior customer service skills
At the end of the day, your contact center either resolved the customer’s issue or they didn’t-it is as simple as that. But how your representatives handle themselves on the phone is almost as important. Are they actually listening to what your customer is saying or are they just reading a script? Do they leave a customer on hold for 10 minutes without ever checking back in? Do they get frustrated and short with an angry customer or do they stay calm and collected? All of these skills can be taught with a call center coaching program. Teach your employees how they are supposed to act on the phone and what a great customer experience should be like. These behaviors can be reinforced with continuous coaching programs.

3. Protect brand image
Whether you are ready to admit it or not, your call center is an extension of your brand and each one of your representatives have a huge responsibility for upholding it. A frustrated customer isn’t going to remember the name of the representative that put them on hold of 45 minutes; they are just going to remember that your company failed to help them. A strong call center coaching program is going to empower your employees to take pride in their role as brand managers for your company, as well as customer service representatives. Every time they talk to a customer they are responsible for protecting your brand’s image and ensuring a great customer experience. A call center coaching program will teach the values your brand strives to uphold and what expectations they should strive to meet.

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